‘Colors II’ out now!


Woho! Get it here:

Spotify ► https://goo.gl/7rr2Ut
iTunes ► https://goo.gl/LfOLp7
FiXT ► https://goo.gl/4h41Bk
YouTube ► https://goo.gl/qDpTnz
Bandcamp ► https://goo.gl/T9KrDu

and everywhere else…

1 hour continuous Voicians music for you :)

The sound of eSport

eSport is not a little nice idea anymore. It is big and it’s growing fast. My songs have been featured in so many eSport-related videos, events and tournaments already and I’m not here to stop there. Read More

Studio LIVE Streams


Hey folks,

you can watch me live in the studio frequently on TWITCH

Gonna answer your questions and show you how I produce! Would be cool to see you there!

Maduk album feature


I’m excited to announce that Maduk’s debut album will be released this friday April 29th on Hospital Records.

I’ve had the honor to contribute vocals to track number 4 ‘The End’. Read More

New EP! Voicians (Part I)


I finally released the first part of my self-titled album!
Check out everything here:


Have fun guys!

New single – Empire

I’m happy to announce my new single ‘Empire’. It’s the first song of the self-titled ‘Voicians’ album to be released later this year.

It’s a very special song for me! I started it in 2012, forgot about it and then completely changed it a few times during the last years. I never got tired of it. It’s a mix of guitars, vocals, synths and pumping beats. Even though my other new songs for the upcoming album will be very hard and rock-orientated, ‘Empire’ still fits my vision of this album and a hybrid sound. Look at it as the little electronic harbinger of the epic storm to come.

I hope you will like it! \m/ Dan

New album ‘A Matter of Time’ OUT NOW!


Finally it’s here!

my new album ‘A Matter of Time’ is now available!
18 songs, over 70 Minutes of music!

Preview and Buy the album here

COLORS EP out now!


The Colors EP is an experiment for Daniel Voicians. The seven songs present were mostly strays that had been languishing in the closet, some of them for up to two years. Read More